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<span>My Heart, My Calling</span>

My Heart, My Calling

This is more than just enhancing your wealth; it is about enhancing your life, your relationships, and your legacy. My proven system supplies you with the confidence, joy, and peace you are looking for as we pursue your God-given dreams together. For over 25 years people have put their trust in me because of who I am. Vetted by the team at Ramsey Solutions (recommended by Dave Ramsey), I was one of their chosen SmartVestor® Pros for many years before becoming an Kingdom Advisor. My Colossians 3:23 attitude drives me to be my best and my wide variety of licenses and multiple designations require me to do rigorous on-going learning. As your fiduciary advisor, I work for you and I am paid mainly by you through an advisory agreement.   To insure that your investments receive the monitoring and research you desired, I hired the support of an award-winning national advisory firm along with an accountability advisor and friend who steps-in in the event of my death or disability or vacation. I am independent, but not alone, and neither should you be. I look forward to working with you.
-Dustin LaPorte

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