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Briefly tell us about yourself.

I am Anissa LaPorte, one of the co-founders of LaPorte Wealth Management Group. In the beginning of our practice, I was the firm’s Marketing and Public Relations Director. Over time, as we hired more staff and utilized more technology, my responsibilities reduced. Purposely, we put sustainable systems in place so I could eventually pursue my life-long career goal - Modeling!

Tell us about a movement you are passionate about.

I am passionate about equipping others to have better health and future. For I know what it feels like to let the weight of this world hold you back from being all you were called to be.  And I also know what it means to overcome it… 

My Adventure

After graduating high school, my desire was to pursue modeling, but I chose the sensible path by going to college first. Soon after graduating from the Medical University of SC, I became a wife and a registered nurse (BSN).

I took the necessary steps to begin my modeling career yet decided to put it on hold just a little longer to start a family. Even though my desired career path was modeling, the sensible path kept pulling me away. As the demands for my time grew at work and at home, so did my body—to the point that I gave up on pursuing my modeling career. 

Being a devoted mom, registered nurse, and spouse, left little time for myself. In surgical dermatology, we focused on restoring the beauty that cancer tried to take away. Ironically, the demands of the job left me with little energy to devote to restoring myself.

Eventually, my husband and I made a life-changing decision to stop following the American Dream of what success looks like and start following our God-given dreams. We started our own advisory firm that empowers others to pursue their God-given dreams. I left the medical field to restore my health, to resurrect my forgotten dreams, and to begin pursing our dreams together, as one. During that time, I gave up the stress eating and in one year, I lost over 70 pounds with the help of determination, devotion, and discipline. For over 7 years, I have kept a healthy 144-148 weight range. 

As we inspire and empower our clients to follow their God-given goals, they too inspire and empower us to follow our God-given goals. We are part of their journey and they are a part of ours. By design, we built a financial advisory practice that meets primarily with clients via video conferencing. This enable my husband and I to travel together as I pursue my modeling career.

What empowers you

Empowering Others – What empowers me is empowering others. There is an unspeakable joy that comes and empowers and encourages me when I say or do something that makes a substantial difference in the lives of others. It breaks my heart to see how unhealthy our society has become in the areas of personal health, wealth, and relationships. Modeling is way for me to celebrate overcoming and opening doors for greater influence and future.

Unexpected Giving – My husband and I enjoy giving unexpected gifts of our time and resources. By using my gifting in discernment, we surprise others with unexpected gifts that speaks to their needs. I really enjoy the challenge of listening and observing people’s attitudes and nonverbal cues, to accurately determine a person's real (sometimes unspoken) needs and bless them in unexpected ways.


Hair Color:  Dark BlondBust:  37.5Cup:  C
Eyes:  BlueChest: 32Dress:  8
Height: 5' 9"Waist: 30Shoe:  9

Hips: 38Birthdate:  05-09-1972

Pictures: January 2020 with No Make-up - No Digital Enhancement - Photographer Dustin LaPorte (my husband)