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Choosing Your Advisor

How is the chemistry? Do you and the advisor mix well together? Are you and the advisor compatible? An advisor who has different core values and character that conflicts with yours will have a difficult time understanding and supporting your God-given goals. Fill in the boxes below that best describes the advisor you need based on who you are. Have the advisor fill in the boxes below that best describes the advisor general characteristics and traits.  How closely do they match up to what you need?

o Accountability Provider

o Adventurous High Risk-Taker

o Appreciative

o Approachable

o Assertive (trying to get you to do something you do not want to do, but need to do)

o Calls Regularly w/ Investing Ideas

o Communicative

o Confident

o Christian Morals & Beliefs

o Direct/Not Sugar-Coated

o Discretion/Private

o Efficient

o Empathetic

o Encouraging

o Expresses Anger

o Fast Pace in Speaking

o Faith-Filled

o Family-Focused

o Friendly

o Giving

o Grateful

o Honest

o Humble

o Integrity-Focused

o Leadership-Focused

o Listening-Focused

o Loving

o Methodic Decision Maker

o Optimistic

o Organized

o Passionate

o Perfectionistic/Excellence Driven

o Persuasive When Needed

o Precise/Very Detailed

o Quick Decisive Decision Maker

o Religion

o Resourceful/Out-of-the-Box

o Respectful

o Results-Oriented

o Safety-Oriented

o Sense of Humor

o Serious

o Spiritual

o Stewardship-Focused

o Systems Person / Consistency

o Teamwork Oriented

o Thoughtful

o Transparent

o Trustworthy

o Understanding

o Unpersuaded By Your Emotion

o Very High Risk Investor

o _______________

o _______________