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Ministry Background

In 1992, I started in college ministry.  Eventually, I went into financial ministry.  

I am a graduate of the All Access program at Seacoast Community Church (a whole year commitment of over 800 hours of in-depth, hands-on training in ministry led by well-known ministry consultant, Mac Lake).  

My wife and I saw the need to write a quick, easy to read financial book that combines the best of both biblical and financial principles in one book. We believe so strongly in our book, that we are willing to email you an eBook copy or you can purchase it through most major bookstores. If you find the book to be life changing, as we believe it is, then help support our ministry by telling others, inviting us to come speak to your church or company.

My daughter and I have written several children’s books called Proverbs Play — It is play with a purpose