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Experiencing financial freedom is more than  just enhancing your wealth; it is about enhancing your life, relationships, and legacy. It’s about finding your purpose and passion and engaging your resources and our planning insight to achieve it. LaPorte Wealth designs your financial plan  around your unique God-given vision.

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<span>My Heart, My Calling</span>

My Heart, My Calling

Our proven system supplies you with the confidence, joy, and peace you want as we pursue your God-given dreams together. For almost 30 years, people have put their trust in me because of who I am. Vetted by the team at Ramsey Solutions (recommended by Dave Ramsey), I was one of their chosen SmartVestor® Pros for many years before becoming a Certified Kingdom Advisor® professional. My Colossians 3:23 attitude drives me to be my best, along with my wide variety of licenses and rigorous ongoing learning needed to maintain my multiple designations. As your fiduciary advisor and entrepreneur, I work for you and your future hopes and dreams. Your success is truly my success. We are a T.E.A.M. and Together We Achieve More!

   Dustin B. LaPorte, CFP®, CKA®, CDFA®, CCFS®, CPFA®

My Background

Our Speciality

By focusing on high-net-worth individuals, families, and institutions with $1 million or more in investable assets, we provide one of the highest levels of service along with access to intelligent, customized portfolios that:

  • Honor who you are and what you want to accomplish by carefully selecting stocks whose services or products do not dishonor your values
  • Provide sophisticated tax management and charitable giving solutions
  • Address your market volatility concerns through tailored risk mitigation
  • Work to meet your specific income and cash flow needs
  • Provide quarterly portfolio reviews and direct access to your private portfolio manager. 

There is a reason we historically have a high client retention rate. We want to know your values, goals, and risk tolerance fully, so we can create a plan, find solutions, and continue to monitor our progress together.  

Tax Rules When Selling Your Home

Tax Rules When Selling Your Home

The tax rules governing profits you realize from the sale of your home have changed in recent years.
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