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Market Update

Market News You Can Use

Market News You Can Use

Watch our June 7th video report on the current market conditions, opportunities, strategies you need to know to plan your next action steps. However, remember all successful investing is goal-focused and planning-driven. All failed investing is market-focused and current-outlook-driven.



Video Times & Topics:    00:00  Are we at the bottom?    02:09  How long do recessions and bear markets last?   03:15  What's the typical one year comeback from the midterm election year pullback?    04:50  What happens when you fail at market timing?    09:09  What are the areas of opportunity, strategies, and solutions you should be considering?

The resources listed below are valuable third-party sources for monitoring market conditions.  As a result, their information may not necessarily represent our firm and any of the companies we represent beliefs.  This resource is for educational purposes only and are not recommendations.