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CDFA® Steps

Although the scope of service for divorce financial engagements will vary, this is our process:

Step #1: Establish and Define the Relationship with You

  • Mutual agreement regarding the scope of service(s) to be provided.
  • Agreement regarding fee arrangement and/or compensation.
  • Disclose any limitations or conflicts of interest.
  • Determine our and your responsibilities.
  • Providing any additional information necessary to define or limit the scope of service.

Step #2: Gather your data and information relevant to the engagement

  • We will obtain sufficient quantitative and qualitative information and financial documents relative to the scope of the service.
  • Suppose we cannot obtain sufficient case information, financial records, or documents, which could impact the completion of the assignment and/or conclusions and opinions that can be reached. In that case, this shall be communicated by our team to you.

Step #3: Completion of Analysis / Assignment

  • Dustin B. LaPorte, CFP®, CKA®, CCFS®, CDFA® will use reasonable, unbiased judgment when arriving at conclusions and/or developing a financial opinion relative to an assignment.
  • Assumptions used should be based on sound economic/financial principles.
  • Dustin will go over the findings with you for clarity, direction, and fine-tuning

Step #4: Presentation and delivery of the work product/assignment

  • Analyses and reports that are completed will be done professionally and competently to reflect the high standards of the divorce financial analyst profession and the IDFA.

Step #5: Completion of Engagement

  • At the conclusion of a divorce financial analyst engagement, we will send you written correspondence confirming the engagement's completion.
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