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"The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender" (Proverbs 22:7, NIV).

Now is the time to begin breaking free of the slavery of debt!

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Now is the time for you to focus on lowering your interest rate and term to break from the bondage of debt.

Let's destroy some of the myths you have been taught.

Tax Deduction Myth: People avoid paying off their mortgage because they want the tax deduction. Due to new tax change, over 90% of all Americans no longer get to deduct the interest on their mortgage. That $1,500 monthly mortgage payment ($18,000 yearly) may be costing you $24,000 yearly (If you have to make $24,000 to take home $18,000 after taxes). Even if you did get to deduct the interest, it is usually not in your best interest to be in debt. 

You hear advisors telling their clients to invest in a combination of stocks, bonds, and cash for their future. It sounds smart until you factor in they are spending 4% on a mortgage while making only 2% on their investments in bonds/cash. They think they are saving for their future while in reality they are losing 2% on that money (2% gain from bonds/cash while losing 4% from the mortgage). Wake up people, wake up advisors, and see the whole picture. By eliminating your mortgage expense, you may be able to retire early. 

Debt mathematically acts like a negative compounding investment. If your credit card charged you 2% this month on your $1,000 balance (-$20) and your $1,000 investment made 2% this month ($20) then your real total rate of return would seem to be $0. However, if that investment gain was subject to a 20% income tax, you have to pay $4 in taxes, so your investment only made $16 after taxes; Thus, that month you loss $4.

Dustin LaPorte is also a licensed Mortgage Officer with HomeFirst Mortgage Corp. for North Carolina and South Carolina. The rates he can get for his clients are way below the National Average. He stays ahead of the competition because the firm's low overhead cost and the software they use to anonymously shop over 30 lenders all at once. Each bank changes its rates throughout the day depending on the market. Without this technology, it is impossible for you to know with which leader has the best rate at that moment in time. Even if you spent a week applying with 30 lenders, by the time you received all their quotes and reviewed them, their rates would have changed.

These rates below are NOT Dustin's rates. They are the National Rate Average (Dustin's competitors). Dustin's rates are usually considerably lower than these rates. 

If your current mortgage rate is higher than the National Average, call Dustin to see if you are eligible to:

  • Lower your rate
  • Pay no closing costs - by committing to stay with the new lender for at least 9 months, the lender may pay all of the cost to refinance 
  • Refinance without going deeper in debt
  • With the new lower interest rate, shorten the term of your mortgage to get out of debt faster.

Because your rate is determined by your risk profile, your rate may be higher or lower than the National Average.